Ring of Kerry Irish Dancers

preserving the cultural tradition of Irish ceili and set dancing since 1991

About Us: From the Heart

One member, who joined when she was in high school, continues to come to class every Tuesday night.  She is now in her 20s.  Below are her words that describe how important the RKIDs have been in her life.  

My Dance Friends

                                My dance friends,

                                You are true.

                               You are loyal,

                              You are caring.

                           You are understanding,

                 You follow up on important things I tell you.

                           You are loving,

                     You are like family to me.

                         You are funny,

                        You are honest.

Oh I wouldn't trade you for the world, a million dollars, the sun, the moon, nor the stars.

           You are the world, sun, moon, and stars to me!

                      God love you, I do.

                   To me, you are perfect,

                  Just the way you are,

                   My dance friends.

                     Dance on!

© 2013


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