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May 24, 2017

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 RKIDs Events

At the last class on May 16th, the RKIDs honored Marilyn Moore for her years of teaching. This built on the time spent with our group, and several other groups in the area. Obie made some kind statements about Marilyn; Jean Wds presented her with a gift card and a photo of the RKIDs in a beautiful Belleek frame; Evelyn gave Marilyn a purple and green box with cards inside telling Marilyn how much she will be missed; and Sonja sliced up a beautiful cake for all to enjoy. We know we will see Marilyn at ceilis and Irish events, but we will definitely miss seeing her each week at class. Happy 7's and 3's, Marilyn!


Cashel-ing In

The Pavilion at St. Mary’s in Barnesville rocked with delicious tunes from Tina Eck, Marc Glickman, and Philippe Varlet at the RKIDs’ End of the Year Party on Friday, May 19th. Throughout the night, six sets of dancers reeled and jigged sumptuously through the various dances called by Marilyn Moore. Ann Marie’s beautiful gift baskets were raffled off and Dan M collected a spicy sum for the 50/50. The copious potluck repast was the “best ever,” proclaimed one Irish dancer. At one point the crowd erupted in applause to thank Marilyn M, once again, for her stellar contributions to the Washington dance community.  So many people were instrumental in making the ceili a success, but the highest praise goes to Sonja and Kate for making the whole thing happen. A terrific evening!

More Year-End Photos are Here

Sonja called the Board of Directors meeting to order about 7:35 on Tuesday, May 23 at Jean and Joe’s house in Damascus. The board members were: Sonja, Jean, Jerry, Roger, Maureen, Bill, and Kate. Other attending members were: Marilyn O, Maddy, Emma, Joe, Obie, and Chuck. Every agenda item was discussed at length and finally the group broke up about 10:00. This is how the RKIDs plans its future, and all members are invited to attend. Check the web site for details about the next meeting.

Lining Up for Step Off

The Labor Day Parade has nine members committed to march. Anyone else? Please contact obieobwan@aol.com immediately if you are interested. Right now we will have to cancel our participation in the event due to lack of marchers.

 Social Group

1,000 Year Old
Tower House
Who exactly are the Irish? Where did they come from? How did their history unfold? The answers to these questions and many others are answered by a video series called The Irish Identity. The first two DVDs, Roots of Irish Identity: Celts to Monks and Gaelic Ireland’s Fall: Vikings to Cromwell, were shown at the O’Brien’s recently. Maura facilitated the discussion and added several bits of trivia. The attendees were: Maura, Kathryn, Mary Ann, Evan, Sandy, Emma, Jerry, Dan O’C, Kate, Michelle, Ann Marie, Sonja, Evelyn, Marie V, Joe, Jean Wds, Maddy, Obie, and Marilyn O. The next meeting will cover The Penal Laws and Protestant Ascendancy and Ireland at the Turn of the 19th Century.  There is still time to join this group. Please email Marilyn if you are interested. The next meeting is on Wednesday, June 14th at 7:15 at the O’Brien’s. Kate and Dan O’C will be the facilitators.
Catskill Ceilis

Many of you are from New York and many of you are Irish Americans. If that includes you, a PBS video called The Irish Catskills: Dancing at the Crossroads will surely bring back some memories. For decades the mountains outside of New York City have been attracting the Irish from the Big Apple and beyond. The video will be shown at Bill and Maddy’s on Saturday, June 3 at 7:30. A few spaces are still available. There’s a rumor going around that Obie will be telling about his adventures in the Catskills, although probably not the entire story unless all there sign nondisclosure agreements! Contact Marilyn O. for reservations.

Earlier that fine June 3 day, all members of the RKIDs are encouraged to join others for our monthly brunch at the Germantown Woodside Deli. 10am. No reservation necessary.
Shake Your Keys
Batter up! There are 6 tickets available for the Frederick Keys baseball game on Saturday, June 17th at 6pm. Contact Marilyn O. if interested. If you are going, wear your RKIDs shirts.


After Marilyn Moore retires from all her teaching she will be off to visit relatives throughout the US; then to Ireland where David and Toni and former member Bridget will be meeting up with her for some Irish dancing. Bon Voyage to all.


Saving Civilization
the Irish Way

Is exploring Irish history your thing? Marilyn O has these books available for lending: