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June 18, 2018

 RKIDs Events

The RKIDs finished another successful year of fun, friendship, and dancing on a high note. Throughout the year new people joined the group, and most Social Group events were well-attended. There is a feeling in the air we are heading in the right direction. Under Sonja’s guidance, the RKIDs had much to celebrate, and celebrate we did at our annual ceili.


Maura at the Buffet
Toni and Alison Dance
the North Kerry Set

Marilyn Moore called. The J. Patrick's All-Stars performed.   With that talent working and the gregarious people who came, the June 2 ceili was a spectacular event for the dozens of dancers.

Ballyvourney Jig
A High Leapin' Christmas

Here are some of the highlights:

The sixteen-minute version is here.

Peter Fitzgerald kindly granted us a short interview, talking about the J. Patrick's All-Stars:

 Social Group

Annual Keys Game Outing


Rooting for the Keys

“The curse has been lifted,” observed Bob H. at the end of a 9-4 victory by the Frederick Keys over the Down East Wood Ducks. Out of the three years that the RKIDs have attended, this is the first time the home team has won. We'd like to believe that it was because so many of us were proudly wearing our RKIDs shirts in the stands. Cheering on the Keys were Michelle, David and Toni and her sister and their guests, Joe and Jean, Sonja and Tom, Christine and her sister, Shirley, Marilyn and Obie, Monica and her friend, Tom, Maddy and Bill, Emma and Jerry, Bob H. and Marie V, Evan and Sandy, Kate, Marilyn W and Bob. Capping the victory were the Cowboy Monkey Rodeo show and fireworks display after the game.


Monkey in the Saddle
The Round Up
Post-Game Finale
Our Name in Lights
Fiesta at El Mariachi
The festive evening at the ballpark began earlier in the day at El Mariachi, a nearby restaurant. Dining and chatting were Christine and her sister, Shirley, Bob H. and Marie V, Emma and Jerry, Marilyn W and Bob, Marilyn O, Tom and Sonja, Jean and Joe, and Bill and Maddy, who made the arrangements for a delicious meal and a lively gathering.
Our next Irish Identity class will be held on Wednesday, June 20th at Sonja and Tom's home. Please be there by 7:15; bring your own drink and your thoughts about the Easter Rising and James Joyce. Tom will handle the technical requirements. They will both facilitate the discussion. We need hosts and facilitators for the July 18 and August 15 sessions. Please volunteer or we will have to cancel these dates!
Remember the First Saturday Brunch is on July 7th at the Woodside Deli in Germantown. Join us – no reservations are required.  We gather at 10 am.
Judy has been published again. Her story appears in the Spring/Summer 2018 Journal of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. This time she recalled a memory of a “playmate” she had as youngster. She was 5; he was 80. Read her funny and heartwarming article here.